Commercial and Survey

The construction and commercial industry can benefit hugely from professionally shot film and photography. Whether its survey imagery to regularly track the progress of a project, or artistically shot film and photography to showcase the project as a whole or key milestones, Summit Imagery can help.

Film & Photography

Along with technologies such as UAV and time lapse we also offer standard photography services, to promote your project. Using photography to promote your project will increase your reach and audience and subsequently the engagement that your project generates.

At Summit Imagery we can create film with a real difference to promote your project. All footage is captured in Ultra High Definition using state of the art, production quality cameras, UAV’s (Drones), lenses, gimbals, tracks and lighting rigs and is processed using professional editing techniques and software, to ensure that your end product is of the very highest standard.

Infographics, captioning and other specialist editing techniques can be added to your film to clearly convey any information or technical data, enabling you to effectively reach your audience in a clear and professional manner


Drone/UAV coverage


Traditional forms of mapping and surveying can be costly and time consuming. Using aerial photography and videography is not only be more economical, but can be quickly adapted to suit the environment they are operating in. We can provide general construction coverage, land mapping and turbine inspections and roof inspections, to name a few.

Time Lapse

High-definition time lapse is a great marketing and survey tool and at Summit Imagery we can cover all types of work from large outdoor construction projects to smaller indoor projects, venues and events of any duration.

Capturing the formation of your project, location, event or your long-term processes from beginning to end using state of the art high-definition time lapse cameras can showcase your achievements and capabilities in a beautiful and unique way.

Our straightforward monthly pricing structure covers all aspects required to capture high quality imagery, including planning and installation and monthly maintenance visits, to provide you with footage throughout the duration of your project.

Client Review

“Working with Summit Imagery has been made easy due to the professional, creative and flexible approach the team demonstrate. Then when we see the final photographic results, looking even better than we had imagined, all delivered so quickly, it makes the end to end process seamless.”

Tracey Waygood, Project Coordinator, Balfour Beatty UK Construction Services.