An effective promotional video can greatly help businesses in creating awareness, sharing information and generating interest. To ensure that your company will get the maximum benefit, it’s important to have a measured and well thought out content strategy.
You can easily achieve this, so long as you hire an expert team like ours that knows how to produce a video that not only presents the best image of your company but also delivers the right message to your target audience. Continue reading to find out the most crucial elements a quality promotional video must possess.


Forego content that is solely based on facts and figures. Instead, gain your audience’s attention and interest by showing them emotions such as humour or affection.


Your audience wouldn’t want to watch a business promotion video that contains conflicting information. Avoid including irrelevant details and narrow your focus on aspects that are related to a clear message, whether you are promoting a specific product, service or your overall business.


If you want to succeed in creating a promotional video that leaves a lasting impression with your audience, you need to think outside the box and be imaginative. Create content that will make people want to share and watch again. Consider using animation or aerial filming through drone videography.


As mentioned above, promotional videos have the power to connect with your audience verbally, visually and emotionally. Allow them to realise whatever you are selling by using examples that cannot be expressed with only words. This includes demonstrating to your customers how your products or services are used and the benefits they can receive.


Shooting, editing and producing stunning promotional videos are among the many skills Summit Imagery have to offer. Backed up by state of the art equipment and multi-channel formatting skills, our professional team can help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us today by leaving us a message through this Form.